Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eat Food Village

The best fried kuey teow. ( sorry i gobbled it up before I realise I wanted a picture of it)
 If you are interested in some tasty hawker food in a rather posh area but sold at an agreeable price, then you may want to set your GPS for Publika Solaris Dutamas. It's a new area and most shoplots are still empty. So it's not a place to do major shopping. Great open space with interesting arty farty stuff arranged periodically along the way inside the building. The food court is nice. Once again space is more than adequate and the seating doesn't feel cramp at all.
The crowds of hungry folks
In fact the few times I've been here it's appeared empty. But on Sunday I finally met the crowd.
Ample space
 It's at the lower ground floor just below Bens and you have many stalls to choose from. What I wouldn't recommend is the Yam Rice. Tried that once and it was tasteless. The yong tau foo is yum. And the fried kuew teow is AMAZING!
The chicken rice stall. FINISHED!!
 The chicken rice is pretty good too.  Things I have yet to try, wanton mee, bak kut teh, some porridge thing and there's a new stall right at the end which I  didn't get a chance to see properly last Sunday
Chatime for drinks
 Bubble tea is everywhere...and it is indeed at Publika as well. Pretty good business!!!
An interesting and colourful mural
 This mural is new. It's very vibant. This is at the main entrance to the food court
The entrance to the foodcourt

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