Friday, May 04, 2012

Interesting shop fronts! ( Melaka..!)

Nice doors!
These pictures are shops along the way along Jonker street which really should be pedestranized on weekends. The road is very narrow and even walking single-file you feel very close to death when a car comes whizzing pass you.
A bit of greenery 
 I kept AJ back a bit because I was either busy updating my status on foursquare ( the novelty of getting a data package after simply ages shows ) or taking pictures of anything remotely exciting.
Old tiles...if only they could tell their story...
These tiles are nice and faded. Worn down by how many hundreds of feet spanning a few decades.
Protecting self against the HOT scorching sun
AJ took this picture. the umbrella is actually a dead-boring grey with red insides which shows up VERY well in this picture. You can only guess how awfully warm I must be feeling ...with jeans and a shirt rather than shorts and a loose top. I slathered ( 3 X in total) SPF on my face to ward off the freckles and (gasp) pigmentation. I'm carrying my latest longchamp.


fibrate said...

Yes, lots of interesting facades in Jonker Street, but the heat almost always turns me into a sullen girl :)

edina monsoon said...

I think the sun shines brighter and hotter in Melaka!! I beared the heat well...amazing what spending money and feasting your eyes on interesting goodies can do ...