Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Done just right!!

 Flying Chillies at the Gardens,Midvalley. We had dinner here yesterday. A lovely meet-up with an old friend just back from a one year stint in Adelaide. Her send-off was also at the same restaurant. We're not so much Unadventurous as creatures of habit really. Here's my steam rice with chicken basil and egg-oh sunny-side-up done JUST right. One poke and the yolk would burst out and run all the way down my rice. Be careful it has little weeny chillie bits with the chicken. One bite and your meal may be ruined.
 AJ packed dinner. Here's the wording on the plastic bag
We decided to do a play with words. *roll eyes* what do you expect when you have a neurologist, dermatologist, respiratologist and cardiologist all at the one table for dinner. Welome back H!!!

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