Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fan Run 17th June 2012

 This was my first official run ever. So it was a exciting time. We arrived at Dataran Merdeka around 7am. Quite a bit of crowd already. Parking wasn't a problem. We were given blank bibs to draw /write our support for the Malaysian contingent. Here's mine. It rained mid-run and we got drenched. My shoes were soaked. And the handphone samsung galaxy got a bath too.  My lovely pink tree-in-bud and purple words got washed off leaving almost no trace of what I'd written earlier.
Here is what I managed to take of the crowd running slightly uphill just around the corner from where we started. Nice to see everyone in the same colours. The T-shirt was very warm to wear. I won't be wearing it again. It 's claim of dri-fit is a total lie. Aargh. And so we completed 3 km at 20 minutes ++ in the rain. Exciting experience I strongly recommend this for anyone who likes running remotely.

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