Monday, June 25, 2012

NIke free run in black

I rewarded self with this lovely jetblack pair of nike free run after having completed my first 10km run on Sunday! Those of you who have excellent memories would find this pose similar to my lost pair and second pair of nike free run. They're really extremely comfortable and make running that bit more joyous. Pssst also bought a new dri fit top to complete the gear!


fibrate said...

Running seems to be the "in" thing now, don't you agree? I don't know where I stashed my Reeboks...oh, now I remember I retired them in 2003 after a Mount Santubong outing. Yes, it was that long ago...when I last did anything physical!

edina monsoon said...

Yes am hooked on running since March! Only dared post updates once I pass the 3 km point. The runs before were a measely 1.5km :)