Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treadmill running review

The gym at Pullman Hotel, Kuching Sarawak
This year's Malaysian Thoracic Society Annual congress was held in Kuching. But this post isn't about the congress ( that will come later). It's about jogging on the treadmill. My first ever run was here, at the gym in Pullman at 6:05am. The first 4 minutes was wasted. I couldn't start the darn machine. After that minor hiccup....thankfully only witnessed by one other person, the run was uneventful.  The second day's run was better. I got on and walked and ran and felt like I was a pro. The third day...I stared at the machine for ages...only to be told *aargh* that the switch wasn't on.

I think running on the treadmill is dead boring. So I'm going to have to bring my ipad along the next time to cure the boredom. Unless you have a serious jogger beside you running and showing off their stamina...you would be tempted to hit the STOP button and sit down. 6km this evening for me...on the bloody treadmill:)

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