Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An experience indeed

We drove out to have WNN tyre's changed. Two of the 4 had problems. One had a nail in it and was semi-flat requiring a change to the spare tyre and the second had a little bleb signifying unhappy things to come. This being the raya week, most shops were closed. We headed to this shop...thankfully opened. It's along jalan kuching you can just see it from the main road to your left as you drive towards  Selayang. It started to rain as we arrived. And boy did it POUR continuously like someone had left the shower on in the sky at full blast. We could hardly hold a conversation properly ...this was how loud the rain was. Some thunder but that wasn't the scary part. Just look at the water in the picture above....this was the view from where I stood. The level went up up up up until the shop. I had parked the car to the left of this picture. I had to wade through water mid-calf level to the car...and my poor car was almost submerged in water. We quickly drove away from this nasty place after the tyres were done...and parked somewhere else to wait it out. I'm scared of rain now and want a 4-wheel drive please. I should ( in retrospect) have taken a picture of the water when it'd reach a higher level but we were too terrified at that point.

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