Saturday, September 22, 2012


One of the many "Aida"s in town
You can tell from the weather what day this picture was taken. Hint! It rained tremendously the first morning day. Remember I was forced to buy an umbrella? I took this picture BEFORE I read about Aida in the brochure I found at the hotel where I stayed. It listed Aida as a place you would want to have coffee and cake at. Fancy camera knew this was an important place before I did:)
THIS was on the list of things to eat at Aida
The brochure said we were to sit at Aida and have Sachertorte. This I did. I'm very obedient when it comes to comfort things really. Programmed that way I guess. This cake came with cream. No picture I do not want you to see the size of THAT dollop of cream I slurped through. Lovely! I want it again. But since I don't bake I'll have to hunt around the shopping centres and hope I find something close.
Coffee comes with a glass of water always. Why?
 Coffee was just the thing I needed having had a bad night's sleep due to a stuffed nose. The glass of water was presumably to wash down the caffeine? I'm not sure the timing of drinking the water...was it before, mid-way or after coffee.


Lee Peng said...

2.90 (was it in Euro?) is quite cheap for a slice of cake, I reckon.

I thought water is to rehydrate ourselves. Or perhaps to wash down the coffee so that people don't walk around in coffee breath. Very thoughtful cafe service :-) (I like).

edina monsoon said...

yes twas in Euro. I agree. Reasonably priced. Maybe because we are used to paying overpriced cakes which taste mediocre:)