Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Traffic in Vienna

Horses are the pacemakers in Vienna
A nice sunny day and perfect for a carriage ride through the streets of Vienna. Lucky folks! Not so lucky for the Golf and bus cruising along at 15km/hr behind the horses. Very patient folks. No honking I think it might scare the horses. ( humans probably immune to the sound by now especially if you're a visitor from a city where honking when bored isn't frowned upon too much)
Interesting dressing...obviously walking to work
This is the view walking towards the cathedral, Granben would be to your left. That shiny building is the Haus building I spoke about earlier.

What century are we in? A vendor selling concert tickets 
 A sweet girl standing very still and very poise waiting to sell tickets to interested persons.
Tourists....( I was one of them for a short time in between talks)
As the weather became better, the people started coming out to the streets. If you happen to be walking in the opposite'ld be faced with an uphill task of walking without bumping into any other person.

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