Thursday, October 11, 2012


The exit from the u-ban to the open space
My googling the night before led me here. Main place of interest was the museum quarter. It was wet and windy. I was really pleased I caved in and bought an umbrella on the first day. Otherwise I would have ended up wet and cold. And I may have bought a "vienna" umbrella. Instead I have a lovely navy blue umbrella plain and simple which may be used for many years to come hopefully.
Volkstheater Neustiftgasse 1ViennaAustria on a wet morning!
This I saw en route to the musuem quarter. I didn't google the exact directions so I wandered about a bit. So here's what I've since found out about this building.  Volkstheater was opened in 1889. And it is one of the largest theater in the German speaking world. It seats 970. And now I really wished I had caught a musical here. And did you know, only German language shows are produced!

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