Sunday, November 25, 2012

A cold mid-morning

A cold mid-morning, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The natural history museum is an imposing building. Even if you didnt know what it was ( like me) I'm pretty certain you would have walked towards it. Here's the weird thing about Vienna which I found, the signs leading to any lovely buildings are very subtly placed. So unless you're armed with a may have to walk very close and ( I did this) enter the building to find out what it is.

The line to take would be either U2 or U3 and you'ld want to exit out of Volkstheatre station. Just in front of this building is a bit of garden with some fountains and benches to sit. Nobody sat there when we were there because it was raining. And yes I got to use my rather expensive umbrella purchased on day 1 in Vienna:) I have nothing much to report about the inside of this building. But I believe there are virtual video tours for those of you aching to see what this houses:)

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