Wednesday, December 05, 2012

As the year comes to an end...

Near Arcotel Hotel, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Time flies for some people. For gallops at a super fast pace when I'm not paying attention. And as in the year before I am trying to squeeze in more work in these last few days than humanly possible. So let's have some facts ( and fiction) in bullet form for some light-reading today.
  • My Vienna posts shall continue but perhaps intermittently in between daily posts.
  • Burt's bee does a MEAN peppermint shower gel you simply MUST consider buying to sooth the body at the end of a hard day working. ( I kid you not)
  • I have decided to like the pure leather version of the La pliage Longchamp which only means I'm now possibly going to join the ranks of "those who live beyond their means" yuck!
  • The jogging frenzy has fizzled slightly but I don't forsee it dying off completely. Thanks to jogging i am look forward to some nice dresses in the new year.
  • Solaris has gone and done what is possibly a very mean move. The lovely carpark rate of RM1 per entry has been hiked up. Parts of the carpark has been designated "PREMIER" parking. My honeydew during a quick dash to solaris costs an extra RM5 thanks to the parking rates.
  • I played disastrously in the mini-concert last Sunday. Still cringe when I think of the bars and bars of wrong notes I played that afternoon. Age does not make your skin thicker...old people are still able to feel acute pangs of embarassment. 
  • AJ and I have not had regular scrabble matches for a few months now. We're both out of practice. Yes I'm speaking on AJ's behalf.
  • My moo cow addiction is dying off slowly. ( do I hear a sigh of relief out there?)
More soon. It's nearly 11pm and I need to lie down 

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fibrate said...

I also found out that while the Le Pliage Cuir can be folded like its nylon cousin, you shouldn't. My heart is still bleeding from the scuffed folded edges sustained during one of my journeys. Sigh