Monday, January 14, 2013

Flowers from mum's garden

Flowers from mum's garden, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
This picture was taken the year before last. During the Christmas break when it was very nice and sunny and we got out the paddle pool and I blew like a trumpet for many many minutes risking pneumothorax and other undesirable illness just so we could bob about in the water.

Here are some things the 6 year old niece said. ( This year)
1. Why can't papa afford to live in Malaysia?
2. When I grow up and work and can choose where I work I will get married and live in Malaysia
3. Let's play the "versus" game..."B" V S "G" ( translation in context of badminton between her dad and I...boy versus girl) Whilst her mum looks on.
4. Her ambulance siren goes NEE NOOH rather than Mee Mooh
5. In reply to her father's statement that he will attempt to jog to lose weight...she said " Mah khor ( that's me ) jogs and she doesn't lose weight. RRrrrrr
6. When she misbehaved and her papa and I decided to ignore her " MAma...your husband and his sister are bullweeing me "


Anna, Fair and True said...

Beautiful picture.

Where does her dad live/work?

edina monsoon said...

Anna: Her papa works in SIngapore. THanks I can't take credit for the picture. I think my sister-in-law took this shot.