Saturday, January 26, 2013

Taken with the samsung S2

Taken with the samsung S2, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The glitch on the S2 has been fixed. In a rather barbaric sorta way. The whole phone had to be reformatted. Grateful I had the foresight to download all my pictures ( 1440) onto the imac.

Here's one of the many pictures I took with the S2. Since we're on the topic ( I yam anyway) on notebooks with little squares...I got all excited when I found a shot I took of my own. Don't you just love the little squares already??


Lee Peng said...

Those squares reminded me of maths homework.

You're on S2 now? Given up on iPhone? I've just joined the smart phone community. Still have lots to learn.

edina monsoon said... does bring back memories of maths.wouldnt want to relive those memories too often tho. Hahah I have two phones:)