Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The wonky phone!

Telephone, originally uploaded by plenty.r..

You cannot live with just the one phone when for the last few months you have been spoilt with the ease of using two phones. The samsung galaxy has been acting up. This annoying message keeps popping up " your internal memory space is almost full" ( not the exact words)

I slept late on sunday trying very hard to solve this. I managed to transfer one thousand pics from the phone to the imac. Meh! Problem was not solved this way. By which time I was sleepy and went to bed.

Googling the forum was initially informative but after reading around things got confusing. You can download an ap called appstosd which I did. But I couldnt transfer most of my programmes to the SD. Further reading told me I had a to "root" the phone. The same sites never bothered with details of how one shojld ROOT the phone.

And so here I yam....stuck with the same message and with the dread that my messages may not all get through to me. Help!

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