Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I did today

BIBLE, originally uploaded by ryerye7.
The obvious thing would be the one related to this picture. Which is bible class the first for this year. I missed the last 3 ( okay make that 4 since I shouldn't lie too much)

Next on the list is calorie counting. Depressing. My HOU showed me this app on iphone which counts the calories of things you eat.

Something like nike+ and getting nikefuel. Anyway, looking at the calorie count of most things I eat was depressing. I'l rather take a drug to increase my metabolic rate ( thyroxine I hear you say?) then look at dishes and see number of calories.

The other things which I plan to do ( haven't done it yet) is get that hour long violin practise for the day. ( mini-resolution to appease my poor teacher)

I jogged ( since it's quite obvious the joys of jogging I shan't bore you with details.)

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