Monday, February 11, 2013

Link hotel, Singapore

Link hotel, Singapore, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
This is a boutique hotel. I haven't googled or Wikipedia-Ed the meaning so I cannot tell for sure the actual definition of " boutique " in this context. I did google the amenities before arriving. Was horrified it doesn't have a gym.(no jogging during this trip). The rooms looked small in the pictures . That was another negative bit. When I arrived....the staff were polite and each one greeted me with genuine smiles. Not the over too chirpy greetings with a fake accent. That was nice, the rooms were small but the sheets were at least 400 threads.(smooth) and it had a cosy feeling and because I was on the second floor I saw trees just outside my window and the 24 hour Prata shop across the road.the breakfast was substantial. And the next morning I realized the major plus point of this hotel. It's proximity to tiong baru market and the old Singapore flats and shops selling bak kut teh wanton mee etc. Some if the ground floor shop houses are still houses. When I peeked into one, I saw a flat screen mounted on the wall, mismatched chairs and a piano. Would I consider staying here's again?yes:)

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