Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lush in Singapore

Lush in Singapore, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Lush is a UK based brand. The soaps are gorgeous. And shower gel has a nice lingering smell AFTER. I was all excited with my recent visit to Singapore because this gave me the chance to shop at Lush. Lush Singapore is located at Atria and the nearest MRT station is Orchard. It's a small shop in the basement. But oh boy, simply packed with such delightful packaging that I spent a lot of time deciding which to buy and how many. So here is my shopping list ( the ones that I can remember)
1. Bath bombs.
2. Shower gel (s) at least 6 bottles in total. Am currently using Ponche which is a limited edition one. In the shop at the first sniff it was awful...I must confess I bought it only after reading that the ingredients included ( surprise) a dash of tequila. The zing effect was niceeee! So I bought a few bottles.
4. Bought Henna blocks which I'd googled the night before. the review I read was favorable and that the blocks had indigo added to it to give it a black rather than red sheen.
5. Hair shine thing I forget now what the name is.

What would I buy during my next visit
"Karma "and "honey I washed the kids" soap. Ponche shower gel because I truly am addicted to it. And A few more bath bombs.

Please go to the website and tell me if you find anything more exciting.

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