Sunday, February 17, 2013

PONCHE by Lush

A drop of tequila in your shower gel which promises to give you a little ZING feeling after every shower. How can you resist such a buy? At the first sniff, you'ld think "no way this smells way too strong and sickly like a cough syrup". But if you are brave enough to try it, you will be rewarded with a lovely zing ( as promised on the bottle) followed by a lovely orangey smell which shiffs through your body as you soap and when you're done...the smell lingers on until your next shower. Oh I forgot to mention, the bathroom smells delightful after you're done too.  It's a limited edition and I'll be sorry to have this taken off the shelves permanently. Available in Lush boutique Atria, Singapore. ( No lush stores in Malaysia ...yet). And the shop in Hongkong was small and not well stocked. 

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