Tuesday, February 26, 2013

yee sang

yee sang, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

Chinese New year fell o Sunday and it ended on Sunday as well. We had lunch at Publika and there was this long table with a row of people eating Yee Sang. This picture was taken way after....table with remnants of Yee Sang.

Since Publika created the premier parking area and corded off the more popular parking spaces many ( including self) have been forced to park further and even ( shudder) lower ground. It's a pity the parking isn't as safe as it should feel. The drive down to lower ground is through a rather narrow road. If you're a new driver, best to avoid this. And if you're driving a bigger car than what you're used to...also do not test your powers driving down. You will surely scrap the sides as you make the turn down. On a more cheerful note, more cars are parked at the basement parking so it's less isolated. And they do have those automated green/red dots above the parking with an updated number of empty slots available to you.

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