Monday, March 25, 2013

Ho Chin Minh

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I was away in Ho Chin Minh City for a forum over two days. Back this evening knackered but pleased with both the forum ( for attending 99% of it) and the shopping( for not spending all my USDs exercising self control more than usual) I think the next 3-4 posts will be Vietnam based with pictures as a trigger to memory. Oh dear, the first picture I've posted is food. I can't help it. This was breakfast on day 1 and day 2 because I loved the consistency of the wrap and the burst of flavour when I bite into it.

1. Intercontinental Asiana Hotel is good for a few reasons.
- Bathtub is a good size facing the Tv at a correct angle. The sides give you a ledge to put your shower gel.
- Shower gel is a nice lemon pong which is something I would buy.
- Bedroom slippers are non-slip and thicker in material compared to others
- The bed is high. So you can play act being in the era of Henry the Eight where their beds are very high you almost need a stool.
-The rooms open with a touch sensor of card. No slotting needed.
-If you're catholic it's handy for mass. The hotel is walking distance ( 2.5 min or less) to the Cathedral.
-It's linked to Hard Rock Cafe which closes at midnight.
-It is easy to get a taxi from the hotel to town
-If you choose to walk to Ben Thanth market you can ( and should ) it'll take you 20 minutes tops.
- you do not need an adaptor for plugs.
They have 6 plug points in the room. You do not need to take turns charging one gadget to the other.
- Their pho is good.Their Banh Cuon is also GOOD.

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