Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How much would you spend?

What would you pay for a painting? I saw a nice original painting with orange as the main colour and little white Vietnamese hats interspersed between orange drenched fauna. Striking. The cost 135 USD. Price brought down to 120 USD. Nothing lower. And I walked out empty-handed. Perhaps it's time to start painting classes. Do they have any in KL? An orginal painting for a fraction of the price. Art is subjective so a lopsided head with beady uneven eyes would be art to some and trash to others.

This picture is of a shop along the road leading to Ben Thanth market in Ho Chin Minh city. Only two art shops this was the second one. And if you zoom in the picture, my painting is the orange dollop at the middle of the picture.

Check prices in KL before you leave for Ho Chin Minh. ( I left it too late and wasn't too sure what was the going rate for canvas sizes and original compared to reproduction)

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