Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

I have been fortunate to attend mass in different countries. Last Sunday we attended Palm Sunday mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chin Minh City. The cathedral is a 2-minute walk from Intercontinental Hotel. So it wasn't scary walking at 5:20am. We arrived in good time for the 5:30am mass. And managed to get some palms . The mass was in Vietnamese but we had googled the readings in English and downloaded on the phone. The choir singing was glorious. Somebody fainted ( the heat was a bother we felt like fainting too) But she came around in a few minutes. I consider it a blessing being able to attend mass during any conference without forgoing lectures.

The picture is the Cathedral bathed in lovely lighting which they switched on minutes before mass began. And if you can see, the flower arrangement at the front of the altar is actually made from palms.

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