Friday, April 26, 2013

I wish it wouldn't rain so much

Lake Gardens, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

During Easter, I moaned about the heat. And then we had rain. The day before yesterday, I saw (and heard)the rain. I left much later and arrived home at 10:30pm. The drive home from Cheras back to KL was smooth. Time taken a mere 15 minutes no water, no jam, no hassle. But if you were go back a few hours before, here is what I heard happen;
1. The basement carpark at the hospital was flooded. ( Thankfully my car was on a slightly higher level)
2.The front of the hospital was also flooded causing a jam just getting out.
3. I saw pictures on the net some of the roads I would have taken back home was covered with water, up to knee-waist level. And there is a picture of a mercedes bobbing in the water.( poor owner)

So I thank God I chose to stay back and have dinner nearby before heading home.

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