Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nerves!! Can we control them?

violin playing, originally uploaded by the ghost of me.
Fear is a reaction to something. If that is true, you can control fear. In the same way you can control the bubbling of anger when something unpleasant comes your way. I have learnt that if you want to perform in front of a group of people, you should memorize your piece before. You should also play the piece just before your perform and you should listen to yourself when you play. Have I conquered fear? Maybe just a little.

Pieces for my Grade 7 ABRSM exam
1. Adagio. First movement from sonata in G BWV 1021 by J.S.Bach
2. Meditation from Thais by Jules Massenet
3. Reverie by Angela Morley

I wish I had an internal metronome and yes you cannot run away from counting. If your maths is good, you'ld be able to keep time with the darn metronome.

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