Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old Chang kee

Old Chang kee, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Old Chang Kee had its beginnings along Mackenzie Road in Singapore way back in 1956. ( A year before Malaysia gained independence...bit of history thrown in to put things in perspective) It has now been franchised to Australia, Indonesia AND Malaysia.

There used to be a stall at Bukit Bintang and then it closed down. Perhaps due to the high rental. Certainly not from lack of business. Last Sunday, we found Old Chang Kee at Mutiara Damasara I spotted the sign just as I entered Metro Jaya:) So this morning I'm eating Old Chang kee curry puff for breakfast. Others pale in comparison. Sometimes the pastry is a problem, too hard, too flaky and the chicken bits inside;too dry. I love the egg-oh in Old Chang kee curry puffs.

Old Chang Kee can be found at the following places in KL
1. Mutiara Damasara
2. 1-Utama shopping centre
3. Carre Four Subang

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