Monday, May 27, 2013

Church of the Immaculate Conception

I attended Sunday mass in Penang for the first time. The church nearest to the hotel was in Pulau Tikus. ( Translated to Island of Rats) Mass was at half eight. I was scared I would miss mass and didn't know what traffic would be like on a Sunday in Penang, so I ended up being 30 minutes early. They had rosary before mass so it worked out well in the end. The church has obviously been restored. It's air conditioned. And the pews are really chairs. To the left is where the choir stands and to the right of the altar is the glass partition room where parents with babies may sit. I've seen this before at the Church at Upper Thomson Singapore. Must be a new trend. I was a little worried I wouldn't find a cab back to the hotel....but I did. And the trip back was painless.

Here are some facts about the church:
1. It is a roman catholic church serving a parish of 5000.
2. It was founded in 1811
3. It is the second oldest church in the diocese
4. It was founded by the Portuguese Eurasians who came to Penang to escape persecution in Phuket.

No. 1 Lorong Maktab, Pulau Tikus, 10250 Penang

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