Sunday, May 19, 2013

What has happened in the three weeks I've been "silent"

1. We had our general elections. And a lot of Facebook and sms updates on truths and un-truths leading to ( if you were the impressionable sort) thoughts bordering on fear and anger swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other end. I went back to Pahang to vote. A bigger crowd than the last election. 80% turn out the papers tell us. Never seen so many cars on the roads on a Sunday morning with people walking with a purpose towards their centres.

2.My dad's pet bird died:Mee-nah was a gift and she died suddenly two weeks back. Dad has ordered a replacement which will arrive soon I think. The niece ( who spend a big part of her holidays squeezing Mee-nah and showering her with kisses and baths and watching DVDs together will be sad. She hasn't been told)

3.I had a hair cut. Much shorter than what I dared. Wanted to go o my trusty hairdresser but the rainy season and the pictures of the flooded basement carpark in Sg Wang Plaza scared me into postponing for now. Thankfully the rainy season has left us. We're not experiencing a heat wave. I shall not complain.

4. The rainy season has left parts of KL unpredictable. Flash floods in the city centre made travelling back from work difficult. I was caught in a few traffic jams and some scary moments driving with minimal visibility and driving through some collection of water deeper than I care to remember now. We wanted to buy a 4-wheel drive if the weather remained so.

5.I've started my Korean-drama obsession AGAIN. But this time, I've cleverly paired it with violin practice. This has seen an increase in violin playing quality and less guilt:)  I've bought THREE sets last week. And have completed three sets before this. The lady in Sg Wang Plaza where I buy them is pleasant and we have a discussion on what I may or may not like before I select. She's lovely. And my choices have been good except for one....which was the one I insisted on having despite her saying I may not like it. She was right.

6. I've gone back on my word of not buying any more books.( Lack of shelf space).My latest purchase is " Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella.

7.June will be a busy month for me. Trip to Melaka for the TB CPG training. ( not sure what I'm suppose to do there will know when I arrive) MIB conference in Jakarta ( poster and talk) and MTS conference in KL. (poster and talk)

8. I got my eyes tested after 10year ++ and changed frame and upgraded to "multifocals". Cost a bomb. Optical 88 in Midvalley megamall is great. I loved the service there and the entire process was enjoyable. No regrets. On the side, them multifocals make reading a little bit easier on the eyes.

9. I cannot get enough of Lays " sour cream crisps" Bad for health I know.

10.I 've gained inches around my waist and need to eat less and jog!


fibrate said...

You have been missed :)

edina monsoon said...

Thank you:) teehee....Old habits die hard, remember how I used to blog in spurts....I must try and avoid this