Saturday, June 08, 2013

Happy Saturday

Hanbok, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

I jogged 10km this morning and feel tired but happy. This is the first 10km after being ill in May. It feels very nice to be well again. And so I had the energy to wade through my iphoto album and I found this old pcture. The hanbok is authentic. Bought in Seoul during a three day visit there. The niece loved it that holiday and wore it almost daily. She also received these wooden fruits for Christmas and used it to play make believe Jamie Oliver stories with me. I have violin class this morning. Followed by some rest periods before evening mass.


Ran Ma said...

hey there, I stumbled onto you blog and I must say I love the layout!

How did you get the world clocks to show up on the side and also the reactions under your blog posts?

If you could teach me, that would be awesome! thanks-R

fibrate said...

The hanbok is so pretty! How come I never thought to bring any home for Muffin when I was in Seoul? Tsk tsk

edina monsoon said...

Ran Ma: The template and layout was done some years back. But I think you click add gadget ( third party ) and insert the link of the widget that you want. Here' a link to clock widgets for blogspot. ( not sure whether this is the right way cos it'e been some time since I did anything to the layout of this blog)

Fibrate:We accidentally found ourselves at some local market and they were selling children as well as ADULT hanboks. ( If I were younger I would have bought one for myself)