Monday, June 10, 2013

Swedish Royal Wedding

Princess Estelle sitting on her wee chair
Princess Madeleine of Sweden married her American boyfriend Chris O'Neil. I love the fact baby Estelle was allowed to attend the wedding ceremony and what a well behaved little miss she was. Here she is sitting primly between papa and mama. The bride's gown was designed by Valentino and was made out of lace. The veil was just the right length ( I hate long trains they tend to go to one side when you walk down the aisle) and she word her own little tiara rather than the cameo tiara worn by her sister Victoria.  Chris was the surprise. He appeared more relaxed and pictures of the couple during and after the ceremony showed the softer side of his rather stern ( and bored demeanor). I can't wait for the HELLO magazine issue of this wedding.


Anna, Fair and True said...

Did you watch it live? Little Estelle was so cute and when her mum did a reading she couldn't sit still on her little chair anymore :)

edina monsoon said...

no. i watched parts of it on youtube:) and read loads of stuff on the writeup of the wedding. what a lovely day it was