Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fried rice

Fried rice, originally uploaded by The Food Pornographer.
This isn't a picture taken by me. But It's a lovely one. And I'm borrowing it as a topic for my post this evening. AJ was so sweet today she brought friend rice ( and fried chicken) in a container for my lunch. This was her food during Sahur and as she had some left over she packed some for me. Sweet!!! The worst fried rice I've ever had to pay for was at Ah Tuan Ee restaurant at the curve. It came in lumps which when chewed revealed white bits with zero taste. Obviously made with freshly cooked rice rather than overnight rice. ( See even I....of the can't-cook-cathegory know this basic rule) We've never return since. I'm sure it must have been a once-off and I'm sure their food is still nice. But as I paid quite a bit for that plate of lumpy rice...I've decided they do not deserve me as a customer any more.

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