Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Laduree, originally uploaded by stribs.
I had a nightmare last night. I was in a shopping centre in Singapore ( odd I know I should at least be patriotic and dream of shopping malls in Malaysia but you cannot control your subconcious I'm told) And was walking aimlessly pass a few shops. I went from LG to the ground floor. I ended up in a clothes shop and was busy taking pictures in that shop ( Don't ask what was interesting)

Then I decided to look for Laduree because there was a branch available in this Singapore Shopping centre. I couldn't find it initially but we walked and walked.

Next scene ( yes we dream in scenes like a play) it's late, the shops are closing. For some odd reason, you have to leave the building through one of the shops which has a secret door behind some clothes. Everybody is rushing back. It is only then, I realise I left my camera and car keys ( why would I drive in SIngapore when my license expired yonks ago) in the first clothes shop. I rush back only to find it locked. I burst into tears. And I wake up:)


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