Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Peter mayle's latest book...

A whopping RM 53 ++ for a paperback! Would you buy this comfortably? It was wrapped. Found at Kinokuniya KLCC. I'll look for it at either TIME or MPH....( cos I have a discount card for both).

Mayle's best seller ; "A year in Provence" was an excellent book. I read it the first time in university and I enjoyed it very much. His second book "Toujour Provence" wasn't as enjoyable. And I believe I have another of his books...The vintage caper. I read on the net, that the Marseille caper is a follow-through from this book. If is just as well I didn't buy the book at this escalated price. Sam Levit doesn't entice me so it'll have to come down in price slightly before I buy this book. I like Mayle 's writing so I know I will eventually own this book.

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