Friday, July 26, 2013

Strawberry & Black Pepper Macaroons

Being unstuck in traffic makes you euphoric and the endorphins are the only excuse I have for walking into Nathalie Gourmet ( having walked pass it over the last few years ) and buying not one but 4 macaroons for my own consumption.

Nathalie's gourmet was initially in a place hidden from most folks. This was before the second phase of solaris came up. Due to the split level architecture of the Publika set-up, Nathalie Gourmet can be seen from the open space where "the social" and "Bens" are.

I've had KN tell me this place has decent macaroons. I've had an aunt tell me she would drive all the way here to get stuff from Nathalie's and I have read a few blogs raving about how perfect the macaroons are.

I bought four different flavors and here is my review.
1. They're expensive so be prepared to fork up money for it,
2. The macaroons are displayed in a glass shelf making it difficult to take decent pictures.
3. The container is clear plastic and the macaroons kept knocking about making a little "tap tap" sound as I walked from Nathalie's to BIG ( to get some crackers) and to the car. The first inkling that the macaroons are stiff.

Okay a review of the 4 flavours.
1. Vanilla. The BEST. Because it was  not sickeningly sweet.
2. Salted caramel. A burst of sweetness unfortunately the saltiness came a bit later after I'd been shocked by the sugar high.
3. Pistachio: Less sweet than salted caramel but still a tad too sweet for my liking
4. After eights: Best to stick to the orginal after eights if you're yearning for one. This wasn't as nice as I thought it would be.

* the texture of each macaroon was perfect. You can taste how light and firm it is. And as you bite into it, it crumbles correctly rather than into a sorry mess.  So I'm thinking, Nathalie's has the perfect texture of macaroons which makes it famous. In her interview she justified the high cost by stating " it took me 4 years to perfect the macaroons"

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