Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Things you can design with Batik

Jakarta batik shopping was an eye-opener. They are creative with their batik. Unlike Malaysia where we use batik for long baju kurungs or jubah....the Indonesians make a variety of stuff; blouses ( of different types to suit different age groups), dresses ( various designs not just the boring wrap-arounds, jackets ( again different designs from formal types to playful designs) Here is a picture I took when we ventured on the commuter to Tanah Abang. Not recommended for the faint-hearted. The walk from commuter station to mall was prolonged. We literally pushed through many people. And we got pushed by equally many people. A very good experience. So no regrets!!

A bit about Tanah Abang.It's in central Jakarta and it hosts the biggest textile  market in South East Asia. ( A pity we never got to experience the vast textile ) I think we may have been  in the Tanah Abang market. Because we got off at the Tanah Abang station and the market is within the same area.

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