Monday, July 01, 2013

Universitas Indonesia

Universitas Indonesia, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The 8th Malaysia Indonesia Brunei conference was held here. Indonesia's turn to play host. This was the venue and just look at it. Pretty Amazing. We were all suitably impressed when we saw this as the bus drove further into the grounds. It doesn't look like a scene in Asia. We certainly do not have anything resembling this in Malaysia. I like the way they have grass growing on the slope and the building peeping in from the top.

Universitas Indonesia (UI for short) is the oldest and most prestigious university in Indonesia. It maintains a lot of greenery around its campus. This is one of the examples. This campus is known as "Depok" and it is near a commuter train known as Jakarta-Bogor. ( We sat on it but that's another tory altogether for a separate post) It is located in South Jakarta. They have a separate campus in central Jakarta which is known as "Salemba"campus.

Universitas Indonesia (Depok Campus)

Jalan Lingkar Kampus Raya, Depok, Indonesia 16424
+62 21 7884 9060

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