Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The HUGE crowd

The HUGE crowd, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
This is the Jonker Street night market. It starts at 6pm and goes on well into Midnight. We arrived around 9pm and this is what greeted us. As you can see, it was impossible to shop in peace. And due to the humidity there is a high chance of brushing against a sweaty arm or two. ( I had a cold swety elbow brush against my arm TWICE. It was awful.

There's a bit of pushing and the warm weather can get to you. I wouldn't recommend this if your intention is to shop. Do that during the day when the stuff are in the shops. The extra things sold at the market aren't all wonderful. Although I did spy a chinese stamp stall which was interesting.

This was taken at the near the Geographical Cafe and Christina Ee tart shop. We turned around here and walked back to Jonker Street near Hard Rock Cafe and drove home. My iphone died shortly after which meant we took at least 2 wrong turnings both of which led us through quite a bit of traffic before we eventually hit the highway.

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