Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The long line for chicken rice

A different view of the long line of humans standing in line for the infamous chicken rice ball.  I've seen a documentary on TV which showed the actual making of these chicken rice balls. It looked easy enough. I think I may be able to wing it. They are pretty pricey but you can't eat too many balls. It's filling. I am sure this place has been advertised to death. The actual building is nothing to shout about. The signs are no different from the other fact, less than 200 metres from here is another shop which looked better but there wasn't a huge crowd outside. So here is proof, that if you're famous and have been featured in the right magazines you have good business.

NO! We didn't eat here. We were rather short of time as we had to get back to Philea resort for the talk at 2pm. Again...a drawback staying so far from town. It meant having to factor in one whole hour for traffic.

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