Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things to do in Melaka

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Well, the obvious thing is shopping and this I do pretty well. My 3rd visit in 6 months and I can still find interesting things to buy. This visit was an overnight stay at Philea resort ( pictures later) which is just off the Ayer Keroh toll. The resort itself was nice. Logpine from the internet and yes when we arrived we were suitably impressed with the ambience. A big negative was the distance from town. Tro and fro ...cost me quite a lot of petrol. And the traffic required some patience on my part.

This is a picture of a collection of colorful batiks in the shop where I bought two kebayas. The shop is located just before you reach the "red" buildings in town. This wasn't the usual shop.
"Mana Kak X?" I asked.
" Dia tak bukak lagi...dia masak dulu. Saya makan kat luar " answered the lady I bought the kebaya from. As I was her first customer for the day, she gave me a 5 ringgit discount.

The kebayas vary in size slightly. Different people cutting the pattern means different sizes. So two size "SS" may be slightly different in length and width. The kebaya was for mum. I'm still a little thick around the waist for my ole kebaya and I refuse to upgrade a size.

I wore a Cheong Sam for the day. Factoring the journey from town to resort, I'd decided early on that I may not have enough time to change before the talk. So I walked about Jonker street in a cheong sam and slippers. I've not been so well dressed before:) Never again.

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