Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catedral de Barcelona

the cathedral in Barcelona, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Here is the main cathedral in Barcelona which is conveniently located within walking distance of at least two metro stations. Building started in 1298, many many many years ago. I think they call this Gothic architecture which is architecture in late medieval times; pointed arches, large windows, rose windows and ribbed vault and an emphasis on height.The greatest surviving number of Gothic buildings are churches. Other examples of Gothic churches would include;Notre Dame in Paris, Westminster Abbey in the UK where Fergie got married ( yes you didn't need to know this ..hehe) and Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin

I attended sunset mass in Spanish here. It was a dull and gloomy Saturday as you can see from the picture above. This was taken just after a huge downpour ( where I got drenched and was forced to buy a pink umbrella with multiple words saying barcelona all over it ) and just before mass. Quite a crowd heading in. I got here early and managed to get a seat for mass.

This cathedral is in the Gothic area of Barcelona and the nearest metro station in Jaume which is the yellow L4 line. If you'll end up near a Rambla and Hard Rock Cafe which was the rendezvous point for dinner plans.

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