Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thin ankles

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I shan't scare you with the picture of my swollen legs. I'm normally used to seeing them just not attached to my own body. It is uncomfortable and your legs feel heavy like you're wearing ski boots. The skin feels tense and generally you keep wondering whether these feet are actually yours.

Here are my feet in Barcelona before they decided to swell up during the flight back. I've diagnosed the problem; not moving about at all during the 6 hours from Barcelona to Dubai.....( walked minimally during the transit) and once again remaining in my seat from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. ( No toilet visits and I drank water minimally choosing instead to snooze). On day one back, my toes looked like tiny sausages and my ankles merged into my calves. I wore ( shudder) slippers to work and waddled through ward rounds feeling sorry for self. I'm glad to report the right is back to normal and the left appears to be following suit. I do not think I have a blood clot just waiting to shoot into my lung.

I did google and yes there are others who report the same ailment. This picture was taken at Renaissance Fira in Barcelona. My tired feet resting at the end of the day. Renaissance Fira is a very nice hotel, situated strategically within minutes away from the Conference centre and incredibly near the metro station. The area surrounding it is open and well lit. Didn't feel scared walking back at night.

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