Sunday, October 20, 2013

ALK talk at PJ Hilton

sushi from PJ Hilton, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
PJ HIlton 's drive down to the basement carpark is murderous. But the parking itself once you( safely) reach the bottom is okay. There is a cosy feeling in the lobby. Something which sadly KL Hilton lacks. Maybe its the space, PJ Hilton has nooks and crannies. And there's a place to the right where it levels off slightly to a row of shops. There was a huge crowd yesterday afternoon. A bunch of school teachers and new students were having a pre-post registration lunch. I was there for an interesting talk on testing for the ALK mutation as a marker for lung cancer. When they said small group discussion...they weren't exaggerating...there were 7 of us in total excluding the speaker and reps. Small! we had a room with large glass panels so I saw the thunder and rain and the sunshine after...from the safety of the room. Lunch was a bento set. Again, a reminder that PJ Hilton serves better food than KL HIlton.

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