Monday, October 21, 2013

Hundreds and thousands

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Hundreds and thousands. What do these words mean to you? Agatha Christie used this word in one of her Miss Marple murder stories. Together with the word"Banting". The banting bit was easy enough to figure out. Some old fashion means of dieting. But the hundreds and thousands bugged me for a while. This was before the era of wikipedia. I found out some years later. And on Sunday I found this at BIG at Solaris. Sprinkles is another name for it.

A separate note on "Banting" nothing to do with the man who co-discovered Insulin and won the novel prize together with Best in 1923. This "Banting" in the Miss Marple series is William Banting an obese undertaker who was the first to popularise the low carbohydrate diet around 1863. Fancy that!

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fibrate said...

I learned this from cook books!