Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Midweek...(tick done)

chocolate for everyone, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
This was taken at a chocolate shop in the Gothic area in Barcelona. We walked away from the opera house and Palau Guell and followed our inner GPS. LF had a compass with her. We found out much later ( a whole day later ) that the compass was wonky. It's true what the tripadvisor tells you...perhaps not for everything but at least the description of what to expect in the Gothic area is faily accurate. It's a bit like stepping back into a movie scene from the past. The roads look smaller, the lanes that much narrower and the roads are cobbletone. Hard to walk. I wonder whether this contributed to my swollen feet.

This shop was so colorful we were lured in by that alone. And then of course the choices are amazing. The packaging was different and they had ( observe the top of the picture) tin boxes you can buy to put your chocolates/biscuits/marzipans in. If I'd brought a bigger bag...I would have bought one small tin and a big tin.

Wednesday is almost over. It's been a busy week. My feet are behaving and I've worn two new pairs of shoes. Oh boy! Nice to have small feet again.

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