Friday, November 08, 2013

Central Market Hall, Budapest

Central Market, Budapest, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Finally, a picture of the Central Market Hall in Budapest. Theoretically in the Pest side of the city, This picture was taken just as we arrived. Not many people as you can see in the picture, so it made the visit a pleasant one. I hate jostling elbows with people. The first floor is where the souvenirs are sold. And the prices are cheaper than the shops at Vaci Street. So it's well worth the long walk here for a shopping spree. They accept Euros but not all shops. And you need to be good at maths cos only a few shops show their prices in Euros. What I liked especially was the lack of shop keepers breathing down your neck re-arranging everything you touch. ( Hate that!). The downside of this lack of presence is....if you're in a hurry to'll be left standing for a bit while the owner comes to your rescue from some other part of the shop.

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