Sunday, November 17, 2013

cross stitch

cross stitch, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
I have only completed one cross stitch the size slightly smaller than this little pin cushion you see above. It's a very patient person who can sit down and sew bit by bit.

My mum is a cross stitch fan and she has done a lot over the years. The house is filled with evidence of what a patient and determined individual she is. Today's her birthday. I've put a link on her ipad to my blog but I suspect she rarely visits.

Happy Birthday Mummy. May God continue to bless and look after you. Love you loads.

While we're on the birthday note, FB friends reading this would know...we celebrated my paternal grand aunty 's 97th birthday on Saturday. 4th Ee Poh is a lovely lady. we had a gathering of aunts, second cousins and nieces and nephews all united in the great love we share for this special lady.

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