Saturday, November 02, 2013


dusty Doha greets us, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
We flew Qatar airlines out of KLIA and into Doha via business class. So I'm pleased to say I got the free jim jams ( as read in the forum) and yes finally I got to sleep flat rather than at an incline.( I find sleeping at an incline annoying cos you tend to slip down by the end of the flight and the blanket ends up in a heap)  The blanket was nice. Not the thin ones so they kept me warm. the jammies helped too. The movies weren't exciting or maybe because I've watched most of them already. the stewardess were attentive and the food was good.

Doha airport isn't too big from what I gather. the planes land in a bunch in the middle, you disembark and walk to a bus which brings you in a rather long and loopy route to the terminal. Again, what the forum says is true, we only mingled with the first and business class passengers. Economy folks apparently are taken to a separate terminal. Presumably with more shopping involve.

In comparison to Dubai, Doha's shopping was meagre in the business class terminal.  They sold cameras, handphones, sun glasses, some handbags, nuts, and minimal sourvenirs all Qatar air related. The lounge was spacious but the seats ( like the MAS ones) were rather more upright than needed. And this made any plans of sleeping difficult. We found that out enroute back when our flight was delayed for a few hours and we were forced to stay at the lounge. The shower was good but it took some time before I realised they had a rain shower.( I was sleepy)

From the bus journey to the terminal, everything looked dry and dusty. I did catch a glimpse of some rather big houses on the edge of the airport. When we got off, even the short walk from bus to terminal allowed the nose to sniff some rather dusty air.

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