Thursday, December 05, 2013

Scented candles

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If you're a fan of these….you really should try Jo Malone scented candles. Basil and Mandarin that's the one! They have a wide range of products ranging from scented candles( yay), body cream, shower gel ( bit pricey RM 200 for a smallish bottle), soap ( RM78 for a smallish bar but I think do-able), diffuser, perfumes, bath oil and home and linen sprays.

Jo Malone is owned by Estee Lauder companies. I think we're more familiar with that name. Jo Malone started mixing fragrances at the age of 15. She left school then to look after her mum who had a stroke and her 10 year old sister.

Jo Malone is also a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2003 and underwent double mastectomy. And as a child had to overcome dyslexia.

She parted ways with "Jo Malone" the company after initially staying back after the acquisition to be creative director. After leaving, there was a clause to state that she couldn't produce any new fragrance for 5 years. This was up in 2011, and Jo Malone has launched her new on-line business Jo Loves.

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