Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where is the umbrella when you need one

Taken from physicsworld

It rained this evening. One of those slow drizzle which crescendos into a bigger rain intermittently. I had a hair trim and parked the car in a open space only to realize I have no umbrella in the car. And so I arrived at the hairdressers with big spots of rain drop marks on my baju. I weaved in and out of the rain but it was determined to get the better of me. And after the hair trim…it continued raining.

I shouldn't complain. I believe the rain in KL has reached its peak a few weeks back. I hope the flash floods are a thing of the past. The school holidays has also helped the traffic. Despite the rain this evening, the traffic moved at a decent pace and I got through town in a decent time.

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