Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dishes from Zuo

Dishes from Zuo, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
I am still in the phase of wanting to eat at Zuo. Going by past record this should last at least 3 months. Here are the dishes I've tried:

1. Minced pork and ginger fried rice. 8/10. I like the ginger taste. Rice is nice and fluffly. And the thin sliced fried root at the side is a pleasant surprise.

2. Tauged and salted fish. 7/10. Crunchy Taugeh. Would like it dry. ( Notice the gravy in this picture)

3. Rice and chicken in a sauce which I've forgotten now. It comes with a small pile of black fungus which was very salty. 6/10

4. the egg 7/10 A nice side-dish which tasted home-cooked and good.

What I like is the seating area, the pleasant staff they have and the fact all dishes are served with these interesting cutlery.

I have only tried their ice oolong tea so no drink review from me

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